Welcome to the X Neotropical Ornithological Congress & XXII Congresso Brasileiro de Ornitologia, here in Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon!

The theme of this Joint Meeting, Ornithology and Society, was chosen to encourage and strengthen the bonds between the science of ornithology and the whole of society. By disseminating scientific knowledge, we hope to create awareness within the population while providing motivation and sound information to further Neotropical bird conservation.

The congress will have an intense scientific schedule in numerous areas of knowledge, as well as special activities dedicated to our special theme, such as round-tables and keynote speakers, as well as relevant cultural events. We invite all professional researchers, undergraduate, and graduate students to participate in the congress, by submitting original studies in all areas of ornithology. During the meeting, topics such as the following will be addressed:

  • Taxonomy and Avian Systematics

  • Diversity and species distribution

  • Biogeography and Phylogeny

  • Population Genetics

  • Morphology and Physiology

  • Behaviour

  • Population Dynamics, Demography and Reproductive Ecology

  • Community Ecology, Interactions, and Networks

  • Migration

  • Conservation of Threatened Species

  • Ornithology and Society

The Congress is a collaboration between the Brazilian Ornithological Society (SBO), Neotropical Ornithological Society (NOS) and the host organizations, the National Research Institute of the Amazon (INPA), Amazonas Federal University (UFAM).

In the name of the Organizing Committee of X NOC and XXII CBO, we welcome you and hope you all enjoy the academic as well as the cultural and recreational activities being offered before, during, and after this event!