In recognition of the multicultural and international nature of the Joint Meeting, presentations may be in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.  We strongly encourage all participants to present in English if possible.  This is especially important for students who hope to build a career in academia.  However, in the interest of clear and accurate expression and to encourage the broadest participation, Portuguese and Spanish are allowed for those who decide that use of a different language will seriously compromise their ability to communicate ideas.

We ask that the title and abstract submitted be in the language in which the contribution will be presented, so participants can use this information in deciding what to attend.  Some speakers choose to speak in one language and present their slides in another; this is acceptable as long as one of those languages is either Spanish or Portuguese and the other is English.  In this case, please submit your title and abstract in the language that will be spoken.

Simultaneous translation among these three languages will not be offered at the meeting.  The Organizing Committe is however open to creative suggestions of simple solutions to translation for participants who would like such a service.