Immediately before and after the Meeting, we will offer a selection of 2- and 3-day guided field trips to some of the best birding localities within easy reach of Manaus.  These will include all of the major central Amazonian habitats (upland terra firme forest, blackwater and whitewater flooded forests and river islands, white-sand campina, caves and waterfalls of the Guiana Shield, and Moriche Palm swamps), as well as the major areas of avian endemism found in the region (both sides of the rios Negro and Amazon).  These trips were developed specifically for the occasion, and sign-up priority will be given to registered participants of the Joint Meeting and AvistarManaus.

Please contact Heliconia Amazonia Turismo here for further information.  Thank you!


Manaus Várzea Deluxe (P1) – see details

P1.B Pre-meeting: 18-19 July, 1.5 days; 22 participants; $190 (R$575) per person



White and Black Waters/ Águas Brancas e Negras (P2) – see details

P2 Post-meeting: 25-27 July, 3 days; 22 participants; $370 (R$1100) per person

Trip full!


Rio Negro Deluxe (P4) – see details

P4 Post-meeting: 25-27 July, 3 days; 14 participants; $370 (R$1100) per person