Posters will be exhibited at the Congress in two Sessions:

Session I on 20 – 21 July with author’s presentations on 21 July (17:45 – 19:00)

Session II on 23 – 24 July with author’s presentations on 23 July (17:45 – 19:00)

To see posters distribution within sessions see the Posters Program

Poster set-up for Session I:  Monday 20 de 8:00 – 10:00

Poster set-up for Session II: Thursday 23 de 8:00 – 10:00


Poster dimensions (width by height):

90 x 120 cm (35 x 47 in) – please do not surpass this size.

NOTE: Posters should come with a string or loop for hanging.


Guidelines for posters*:

  1. Title: clear and concise.
  2. Authors and Affiliation: with the presenter’s name underlined and indication if the presenter is an undergraduate or graduate student, with e-mail address of presenter.
  3. Introduction: breve and containing the main objectives.
  4. Methods: simplified, but that allow the reader to understand how the study was conducted, use diagrams or pictures whenever possible.
  5. Results and Discussion: Small text, give priority to figures, tables, photos, etc.
  6. Conclusion: include in the form of topics major conclusions of your work
  7. Acknowledgements and Funding: if necessary.
  8. Bibliography: a maximum of five and only if cited in the poster text.

* Students under evaluation for awards should follow these guidelines